Sikh Minority Certificate Rules

For issuance of Minority Certificate:-

Documents required:-

  1. 2 coloured passport size photographs of candidate (for male candidates, photographs in Turban is mandatory)
  2. Self attested copy of Aadhar Card (both sides) of candidate is mandatory.
  3. Self attested Matriculation certificate of candidate (In case of school admission, Birth certificate is required instead of Matriculation certificate)
  4. 1 coloured passport size photograph of Father with turban.
  5. Self attested copy of Aadhar Card (both sides) of Father.


  1. If Aadhar Card is not there, then self attested Voter ID Card/Passport/Driving License is also valid. (Pan card is not valid)
  1. In case of single parent, self attested Death certificate/valid document related to separation of parents is mandatory; one Passport size coloured photograph and self attested copy of Aadhar Card of Mother are required instead of Father.
  1. Students/Applicants who are not having Singh/Kaur with their names, it is mandatory to be notified the same in the Gazette Notification after publication of the same in newspaper.
  1. Students who have trimmed hair/beard or the parents of the student are not Sikh, then the Amrit Sanchar Certificate of the student is mandatory. (Self attested)
  1. If the parents of the student trim their hair/beard, an affidavit is required.
  1. If the parents of the student do not have Singh/Kaur with their names, an affidavit is required.

NOTE: - Apart from the above, if any other case comes then the final decision will be made by the President and General Secretary.

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